What are the benefits to a Rear Wheel drive electric bike?

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What are the benefits to a Rear Wheel drive electric bike?

Stromer has been the innovator in quality, European made luxury electric bikes.

Many of their Speed Pedelecs come with a rear wheel motor, and with good reason.

A rear motor, compared to mid or front located motors offers the following benefits:

  • Direct power at the hub - more efficient / no loss through chains etc
  • No drive wear - chains, sprockets, cranks aren’t as involved meaning lower service costs
  • Power delivery is direct giving better handling.
  • Weight is more evenly distributed. Between drider, battery and motor, the bike is more balanced with safer handling and a more fun ride
  • Torque is true at the wheel - there's no reduction through the drive chain or gear selection.
  • Power is uninterrupted and smooth - with direct acceleration, smooth running and high elasticity.
  • Silent running - less moving parts clanking about
  • The Omni Platform app lets you set the riding dynamics directly

Regen braking

  • Energy is recovered through regen braking at the rear wheel giving you up to 20% extra range
    • This leads to gentler braking and longer brake life.

You can view all of our rear wheel drive bikes here.

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