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Urban Ebikes offers a range of the highest quality electric bikes, electric mopeds and electric motorbikes from award winning European brands.

We focus on quality product and quality service. 

Our bikes are delivered to your door at an agreed time window 'ready to ride' by a member of our own delivery team.

Our team member will make any final saddle height / handlebar adjustments and give guidance on riding and charging your new bike.

Updated QWIC Range

We've updated our product range from the award winning Dutch bike brand. Hugely popular in Germany and the Netherlands, they're a hidden gem within the UK ebike market. 

From folding to speed pedelecs to gorgeous commuter bikes, they have it all. 

Go check out their range!

Stromer ST5

The Stromer ST5 is the ultimate riding experience and has been fully designed to replace your car commute with a unparalleled electric bike. Born out of a desire to never cut a corner, the ST5 delivers incredible performance and quality. 

850W Motor, 28mph Top Speed, 100 Mile Range. 

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Our aim is to make electric transport in the urban environment as accessible as possible. Whatever your transport method of choice, we want to make sure you're on the move quickly.

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Our Brands

From Swiss brands like Stromer, to the famous Dutch makers of QWIC, we only work with the highest quality manufacturers. 

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We constantly add new bikes as we continue our search for Europe's most innovative start ups and established brands. 

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