Get Fit On Your Commute 

With an Electric Bike

You can get fitter every day and enjoy your commute  - and still avoid arriving at work sweaty. 

It's a common misconception that electric bikes don't get you fit. You still pedal but the motor gives you the confidence to go further, faster and keep up with traffic.

The motor assists you, reducing the cardiovascular activity required (less sweat) but you're still active and can control assistance levels.

Scroll down for full benefits of electric bikes, and discover our range.

Rediscover your commute with our superb European electric bikes.

Why Electric Bikes?

Keep Healthy

It's a misconception that electric bikes don't get you fit. You still pedal - but the motor gives confidence to go further and faster!

Read more about the health benefits of an eBike in the Guardian.

Quicker Commute

The average speed of car traffic was just 5mph in 2017. eCycling at 15mph is a much faster way to get to work. Electric bikes give all the benefits of cycling to work, but without  arriving sweaty!

Conquer Hills 

Dynamic motors match the motor to your pedal speed meaning you won't even notice hills on your commute.

Minimal Maintenance

A good quality ebike costs as little as £50 a year in maintenance - much less than conventional bikes. Charging the battery will cost 0.02p.

No Public Transport

Ditch dirty, cramped public transport and enjoy your commute again.

Charge at work

Most batteries fully charge in under 6 hours - a full charge in the working day.

No License Required

Because you pedal, you don't need a license.

Save 47% with GCI

The Green Commute Initiative can reduce bike costs up to 47%. A bit like the Cycle to Work scheme, but for electric bikes.

Every bike we sell comes with dedicated Desk or Door support. If anything is wrong we will fix it.

Our Electric Bikes

Founded in 2006, QWIC are the leader in electric bike design in The Netherlands, Germany and Belguim.

Driven by a desire to reduce car traffic on cities' roads, they have produced award winning quality, affordable electric bikes and speed pedelecs.

folding electric bike

Compact Series

The ideal collapsible bike, the QWIC folding series will get you to work and back effortlessly. Ideal for taking on the tube or bus.

In 2017 the FN7 won best folding electric bike, beating even the likes of Raleigh.

Folding Electric Bikes
qwic trend

Trend Series

An awardwinning series, the Trend range offers exceptional value for money while retaining the design and comfort that QWIC is famous for.

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qwic premium

Premium Series

The premium series provides even more style and comfort, with added features such as front suspension and Magura HS11 brakes. 

The Premium FN7.1 won "Best Electric Bike" in the Netherlands in 2018.

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Performance Series

Designed for the Ultimate commuter fun experience, the Performance range offers speed and agility above all else. Featuring QWIC's most powerful motors capable of up to 28mph, you are sure to arrive at work with a smile.

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Few names in the electric bike world command more respect, admiration and utter desirability than Stromer. 

With taglines of "The Swiss Driving Experience" and "Because the Swiss don't build cars", Stromer position their electric bikes as an alternative to the car. 

Hand built in Switzerland, they are packed full of tech including GPS tracking, remote locking, theft detection as well as having some of the fastest road legal motors available.

Stromer ST1X

Ultimate Luxury Electric Bike

The Stromer ST1X is the Ultimate in commuting luxury. Available in 4 stunning colours, it offers fast acceleration and a host of tech rich features not available on other bikes in its class. 

The ultimate commuting vehicle to make heads turn.

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Speed Pedelec Series

Want to commute even faster? Check out the Stromer Speed Pedelec range.

Our 28mph electric bikes offer unrivalled acceleration and power and are certain to get to work with a smile. 

Be the envy of colleagues and commuters.

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What the Reviewers Say

“In the four months I’ve been using my e-bike I’ve got much fitter without really noticing it and don’t have to waste time at the gym because I’ve had my workout getting to the office.”

Power through your work commute on an electric bike - The Guardian

"It's so much fun, it doesn't really feel like fitness. So is it? Well, yes. A recent Norwegian study found that e-bike riders exert almost as much effort as regular cyclists when going around the same track. "

Can you really get fit on an electric bike? - The Telegraph

Cycling Weekly

 “The main findings of this study show that using an e-Bike as opposed to a regular bike, commuters can complete their ride to work without concerns regarding sweat and physiological strain."

Study shows e-bike riders sweat three times less than normal bike riders