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Launched in June 2018, the first bikes are now shipping to the UK - Limited availability remaining.

The Stromer ST5 is the ultimate riding experience and has been fully designed to replace your car commute with a unparalleled electric bike. Born out of a desire to never cut a corner, the ST5 delivers incredible performance and quality. 

This is one of the quietest, quickest and most technologically advanced electric bikes you can buy. Combining seamless battery integration, 5 stages of regenerative braking, pressure sensitive integrated touchscreen with a powerful SYNO Motor and advanced disc brakes the Stromer ST5 balances perfectly between technological innovation and superb European engineering.

Fully supported pedalling up to 28mph with 48 Nm of torque from a 850W Rear Motor delivers the ultimate Swiss driving experience. Several years in the making, the ST5 is packed full of every research and design decision that Stromer have gained in their years of producing premium, powerful Speed Pedelecs.

Key Facts:

  • No Visible Wires
  • 28mph
  • Fully connected via Bluetooth - track GPS location and lock remotely
  • Fully integrated components - everything is bespoke
  • Keyless battery ejection
  • 1250 Lumen integrated headlight
  • Pressure sensitive inbuilt display
  • Hydraulic 203mm disc brakes
  • 4.5A Fast Charge - double that of most conventional chargers at 2A
  • 5 Levels of Regen braking
  • Solid build - no rattles, squeaks or unwanted noise, even over bumpy ground
  • Huge hill power - despite being a solidly built bike, the drivetrain delivers smooth power to overcome hills
  • Commanding, awareness raising horn
  • Over-air, wireless updates and servicing - no need to go to a shop to receive new updates.

The Motor

The gearless, direct drive rear motor ensures minimal maintenance and maximum efficient performance. For further information on why rear drive bikes are optimal, please see our article here. Stromer has invested significantly to ensure that while one of the most powerful bikes out there, this is also one of the quietest. Reviewers have repeatedly commented on how near-silent this bike is. Combined with hidden wires, the stealth-like looks of this bike appeal to many.

The Riding Experience

The integrated lights are automatically engaged when braking. A huge 1250 Lumen Supernova M99 Pro gives visibility up front, up to 100 meters. Mount your phone directly into the frame for a second screen / HUD. All wires are hidden into the frame to make the design as streamlined as possible.

The ergonomic ErgonGS1 grips give a comfortable, safe locked grip for long distance riding, followed by hydraulic adjustable brake levers which activate rear lights and regenerative braking when applied.

The Battery

The huge 983Wh battery is one of the largest for any electric bike. It's even charged using pure solar energy from the Stromer facility near Bern!




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The Stromer ST5

Driven By Perfection


Smooth assistance up to 28mph through 5 power assisted modes.

Huge Power

A 850W rear hub motor delivers a huge 48Nm of Torque

Huge Range

A 983Wh battery gives you 100 miles of pure riding joy

850W Of Power

48 Newton Meters of torque is at your finger tips, delivered at the push of a button through a new sport mode - the only Stromer of its kind.

The ST5 is one of the quietest and fastest electric bikes available today, enabling you to keep up with road and city traffic with ease.  

Hydraulic Brakes

Large Hydraulic 203mm disc brakes offer huge stopping power. The large size helps efficiently dissipate heat and energy. 5 levels of regenerative braking also means any braking puts energy back into the battery.

Exquisite Detail

Look closely - this is an electric bike. You will be hard pushed to find any visible cables, with all wires being beautifully channeled through the frame for an effortlessly clean look. Even the battery can be locked and unlocked and ejected via Bluetooth.

The frame is has been finished in graphite grey, giving the whole bike both a very solid look. Thick tyres and a chunky, hand finished frame make the ST5 one of the most satisfyingly solid bikes you can ride.

From the Tyres to seat to frame, Stromer have worked closely with industry leading manufacturers to produce a truly custom vehicle.

Huge Visibility

Twin front and rear 1250 Lumen integrated headlights mean you'll be seen, and can see. The Supernova M99 Pro throws light up to a huge 380m. Choose from High Beam or Low beam, depending on the visibility conditions at the time.  

When braking, the Supernova M99 rear light automatically activates. An integrated horn gives other road users plenty of warning that you're coming through.

Keyless Security

Just like your car, the ST5 can detect your phone via bluetooth to unlock the bike when you're near, and automatically lock as you walk away. The 983Wh battery can be removed from its casing using a release button on your phone or on-board Omni computer, with no key required. 

Custom Pirelli Tyres

The ST5 is the latest and ultimate in research and development from Swiss bike craftsman Stromer. The attention to detail is extraordinary.

E-Bike tyres have been specially developed with Pirelli to ensure uncompromising grip in all weather conditions. Reinforced rubber helps protect against punctures, 

The frame has been perfectly balanced to the 27.5" wheels.

Smooth Drivetrain

The smooth shifting Shimano Di2 XTR derailleur makes lets you effortlessly glide through gears.

Ergon Grips

Comfortable top of the range Ergon grips provide extra control and the ability to ride as far as you wish.

Pressure Sensitive Display

The integrated display is touch sensitive for enhanced accuracy.

Second Display

Integrate your Smartphone into the inbuilt display stand to give additional information, with the ability to charge straight from the battery.

Fast Charge

A huge 4.5A magnetic charging capacity ensures that at-home charging is as fast as it can be. The magnetic connector protects from accidental connector damage. 

Up to 100 Mile Range

Choose from 5 levels of motor support and ride up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Always Connected

Keys are a thing of the past. Unlock the battery cover through touch alone.


Keys are a thing of the past. Unlock the battery cover through touch alone.


Unlock via your smartphone using Bluetooth.
You bike will automatically lock as you walk away, and unlock again on approach. No PIN is required and your bike is always fully secure.

The bespoke Omni platform that Stromer have developed gives you access to their system which has the benefit of

- Anti-theft - remotely lock and unlock your bike no matter where you are
- Servicing information and updates
- Motor configuration controls
- Debugging and health checks remotely

If your locked bike is moved, then you receive a text message informing you while the lights on the bike begin to flash and motor disabled. 


Recommended for rider height up to 175 cm (5.75 ft)


Recommended for rider height 175 cm (5.75 ft) or taller


Recommended for rider height 185 cm (6.07 ft) or taller

What do the reviews say?

 Stromer knew they were going to have to deliver an ebike with unparalleled design and performance. And that is exactly what they have done. 

 ...Stromer has gone all-out on its premium ST5, creating one of the most beautifully executed and feature-rich e-bikes on the market

Yes, this is the supercar of electric bikes

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Please be aware that this is a Speed Pedelec, and is essentially designed to replace your car in a commute! Please see our legal and licensing guide for more information.

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Technical Details

MotorSYNO Sport
SpeedUp to 28mph
BrakesStromer by TRP
DrivetrainShimano Alfine XTR Di2 11 Speed 11-42
HeadlightSupernova M99 Pro
RearlightSupernova M99Taillight
TyresStromer By Pirelli Cycl-e
SaddleStromer Custom
BatteryBQ983  983Wh / 48V / 4.8KG

Help & Advice

There are usually two key types of frame. However, certain brands have slightly different names for them so keep your eye out!

Step Over vs Step Through

Sport - (Step Over) 

Sport models will usually have a high tube at the top, in front of the seat. This will usually require you to lean the bike slightly to mount your leg “over” the bike. Sometimes bikes will also be called Diamond, or Gents bikes. 

Comfort - (Step Through)

Comfort were traditionally known as “Ladies” bicycles, and in some cases this naming convention has carried through. However, all it tends to signify is a lower top tube. By far the majority of electric bikes are step through because they're so easy to get on and off.  

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