FN7.1 Comfort / Sport Ebike

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The stunning N7.1 ebike from QWIC, presented in a classic Dutch style, features Nexus hub gears and fully enclosed chain for low maintenance and clean riding. This beautiful design is both supremely comfortable and offers a relaxed power assisted ride.  

The 250 watt motor with silent control combined with Nexus 7 hub gears will whisk you along, passing the 'unassisted' cyclists with a cheery wave! Perfect for the urban commuter.

  • Speed: 15.5mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Weight: 24kg
 Battery Maximum Range KM Maximum Range Miles
375Wh 70 44
470Wh 110 68
625Wh 140 87



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Handcrafted Frame

Each handcrafted frame has been extensively tested for quality, rigidity and handling. The electric wiring is hidden through the frame. The welds are almost invisible by means of ‘smooth welding’. The lightweight aluminium frame has internal strengthening for increased rigidity and the best handling at all times.

Two wheel drive

The QWIC premium series features two-wheel drive. This brings you perfect balance and traction. The 250W ULF + Hi Torque motor hub in the front wheel ensures minimal resistance and the most powerful torque. The Silent Drive system ensures that you can enjoy the electric bicycle in silence. in combination with the Nexus 7 hub gears it becomes the perfect e-bike for the sporty consumer

Seat and Front Fork Suspension

The N7.1 is equipped with oil-damped suspension fork with lockout function. They also feature a suspension seatpost. The leather saddle, quick release manually adjustable stem and adjustable leather handles all contribute to the perfect driving experience. This makes QWIC e-bikes perfectly suitable for urban rides as well as long tour trips.

Removable battery with USB socket

The 36V Li-ion battery uses the latest technology from the automotive industry. It is easily removable and has a USB connection. The Smart Battery System provides data logs of the li-ion battery, which can be accessed by a USB plugin and PC-interface. The removable battery is equipped with the same One-Key ART approved security as the bicycle itself.

Optimum balance

The QWIC drive train balances the user force on the rear wheel with the electric powered support in the front wheel. This results a perfect balance and traction. Be amazed by the massive torque when accellerating from a standstill. Due to the intelligent controller and the anti-friction hub motor the e-bike makes the most efficient use of energy, which provides you an astonishingly high range.

Digital display with 8 powermodes

Improved ergonomics makes it easy to manage the digital display, even with gloves on. The display is equipped with 8 powermodes, a smartphone or USB connection for navigation and has an LED-backlit LCD screen. Advanced features such as a trip meter, walk-assist, speedometer, smart repair, meter and battery indicator.

Full LED lighting

The e-bikes are equipped with full LED lighting in both the front and the rear. The lighting is easy to operate from the digital display. The N7.1 is equipped with 30 LUX LED lamps. The taillight is integrated into the battery and features light guide with the distinctive circular shape.

Choose your range: Up to 87 miles

Not everyone is the same, that is the reason why QWIC offers three different types of batteries; 375 Wh, 470 Wh and 625 Wh. This is one of the largest battery capacity's available on the market and provides a range up to 87 miles! 

Help & Advice

There are usually two key types of frame. However, certain brands have slightly different names for them so keep your eye out!

Step Over vs Step Through

Sport - (Step Over) 

Sport models will usually have a high tube at the top, in front of the seat. This will usually require you to lean the bike slightly to mount your leg “over” the bike. Sometimes bikes will also be called Diamond, or Gents bikes. 

Comfort - (Step Through)

Comfort were traditionally known as “Ladies” bicycles, and in some cases this naming convention has carried through. However, all it tends to signify is a lower top tube. By far the majority of electric bikes are step through because they're so easy to get on and off.  

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