MN8.2c Trend Coaster

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Fitted with a coaster brake in addition to hydraulic rim brakes, the MN8.2c is a balance of style, comfort and power. A fully integrated cable system and closed chain guard make this an extremely low maintenance bike.


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QWIC MN8.2c Trend Coaster

Fitted with powerful hydraulic rim brakes, the MN8.2c also includes a coaster brake for extra control and safety. The Trend series offers the perfect balance between performance and affordability.

What is a coaster brake?

A coaster brake allows the bike to move freely without the pedals turning, letting it "coast". By pedalling backwards, the brakes can be applied. On this model there are also traditional brakes on the handlebars.

Clear Digital Display

You can easily control the 5 levels of motor assistance using the easy reach controls on the left handlebar. The crisp digital display gives excellent visibility in daylight and shows speed, distance travelled and battery life at a quick glance. 

Front Fork Suspension

To ensure a luxurious ride,  the MN8.2c is equipped with easily adjusted front suspension using a lock-out function for maximum comfort and customisation.  


A powerful Axa Echo 30 Lux light is fitted as standard and integrated into the battery, giving you excellent visibility all year round. 

Powerful Motor

The quiet but powerful Bfang midmotor gives huge levels of torque for climbing hills and gliding around town effortlessly. 80Nm of torque is delivered through 5 optional levels of power. Having the motor at the bottom of the bike gives it excellent balance and control. 

Magura Hydraulic Brakes

Powerful Magura HS11 rim brakes give huge stopping power and control, silently.  They are light, quiet and easy replaced thanks to the location on the rim.

Coaster Brake
The coaster brake gives added safety and control, allowing you to back pedal to apply the brakes.

Comfortable Ride

Integrated saddle suspension absorbs any bumps in the road, giving a comfortable ride.

Long Life Battery

The battery is located at the rear under the luggage carrier, giving additional balance to the bike. An integrated rear brake light gives visibility to other road users, while the battery is protected against theft using a ARTapproved security key.

Protection against discharging has been developed, giving the bike a long life. A lightweight 375Wh battery gives an impressive 70 mile range. 

About QWIC

QWIC are a leading Dutch electric bike company who have strong presence in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Driven by a desire to take more cars off the road and replace them with high quality electric bikes, their focus is on sustainability, design and craftmanship. 

Their research showed that 50% of all car journeys undertaken are below 5 miles - the perfect distance for an ebike to undertake. With traffic often slow moving in city centers, bikes are not only greener but also quicker than the car.

QWIC's philosophy is that electric bikes should not only be well made, sustainable and innovative, but also fun.


Range70 / 100 Mies
Battery Options375Wh / 500Wh
Batter RemovableYes
GearsShimano Nexus 8
Power Levels5
Adjustable ForkYes
LightAxa Echo 30 Lux
TyresSchwalbe Energizer Plus
BrakesMagura HS11 Rim + Front Coaster
Luggage CarrierYes

Help & Advice

There are usually two key types of frame. However, certain brands have slightly different names for them so keep your eye out!

Step Over vs Step Through

Sport - (Step Over) 

Sport models will usually have a high tube at the top, in front of the seat. This will usually require you to lean the bike slightly to mount your leg “over” the bike. Sometimes bikes will also be called Diamond, or Gents bikes. 

Comfort - (Step Through)

Comfort were traditionally known as “Ladies” bicycles, and in some cases this naming convention has carried through. However, all it tends to signify is a lower top tube. By far the majority of electric bikes are step through because they're so easy to get on and off.  

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