MN7.2 HS11 Trend

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An upgraded version of the MN7.2, the HS11 features an integrated front suspension fork with lock out function, and powerful hydraulic rim brakes. A gear sensor located within the Bafang mid motor gives smooth gear transitions every time.


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MN7.2 HS11 Trend

The Trend Series offers the ultimate value. Taking components and design inspiration from the Premium range, the Trend are a more affordable range of bikes built without compromise. 

8.5 / 10

Award Winning

The MN7.2HS11 won the Dutch publication PlusMagazine's best electric bike of 2016 award. Read their full review below.

Independent reviewers elektrischefietsen.com also awarded the HS11 as the best bike available under €2,500 

Easy Read Digital Display

The clear, large letter format display gives quick read outs of all the vital information. You can easily see speed, range travelled, battery information and range remaining. 

The power level of assistance can be changed, as well as the trip computer and lights, using the easy access controls on the left handlebar.

Hydraulic Rim Brakes

The Magura HS11 Rim brakes have won acclaim and favour with cycling enthusiasts the world over. Fitted as standard, they provide excellent braking power in all weather conditions. Located on the rim, they can easily be changed out 

Enjoy quiet, powerful braking. 

Mid Drive Motor

A powerful Bafang mid motor delivers 80Nm of torque and 5 levels of assistance smoothly and reliably. Fitted directly on the crank shaft, the torque level is ideal for those living in hilly areas. The low-level location of the bike gives perfect riding balance. 

Adjustable Front Forks

The oil damped double spring front fork makes for a comfortable ride, with a lock-out function that gives total control over the rigidity of the suspension.

Secure Battery

The luggage carrier battery features an integrated brake light for excellent road visibility, with the battery protected thanks to a one-key ART approved security system. 

The high quality nature of the battery prevents self discharge or full drainage, and give an extended life cycle of many years. 

Power Mode 1Power Mode 5
375WhUp to 50 MilesUp to 30 Miles
500WhUp to 80 MilesUp to 45 Miles

Absorbing Saddle

Suspension built into the saddle post gives a comfortable ride with bumps and lumps in the road absorbed along the way.

Integrated Light

A 30 Lux integrated light gives consistent, safe visibility at all times. Directly integrated with the battery, it will never lose power or give you a dim light again.

Maintenance Free

The closed chain guard ensures a stress and trouble free ownership of the bike. QWIC have designed the bike to require as little maintenance as possible, leaving you to enjoy the ride.

About QWIC

QWIC are a leading Dutch electric bike company who have strong presence in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Driven by a desire to take more cars off the road and replace them with high quality electric bikes, their focus is on sustainability, design and craftmanship. 

Their research showed that 50% of all car journeys undertaken are below 5 miles - the perfect distance for an ebike to undertake. With traffic often slow moving in city centers, bikes are not only greener but also quicker than the car.

QWIC's philosophy is that electric bikes should not only be well made, sustainable and innovative, but also fun.

Reviews & Awards

"The bike drives excellent and feels extremely reliable. Even without support, the bike runs light and smooth despite its high weight. The Bafang mid-engine gives a smooth but powerful support. The support can be activated in five positions, but the first position is sufficient on the flat road. Only uphill had to be switched to a higher position. The comfort is fine. The engine is exceptionally quiet and the bike has a suspension fork, equipped with lock-out and seat post suspension. The Nexus 7 gear hub is sufficient and the Magura hydraulic brakes are excellent. The rear brake occasionally makes a noise, but that is probably a matter of adjusting. The finish is excellent and details have been thought of. Top bike for a very competitive price."

- PlusMagazine Ebike Test


Motor Torque80Nm
Motor LocationMiddle
Motor BrandBafang
GearsShimano Nexus 7
Wheel Size28"
Support Levels 5
Lighting Axa Echo 30 Lux
TyresSchwalbe Energizer Plus
BrakesMagura HS11

Help & Advice

There are usually two key types of frame. However, certain brands have slightly different names for them so keep your eye out!

Step Over vs Step Through

Sport - (Step Over) 

Sport models will usually have a high tube at the top, in front of the seat. This will usually require you to lean the bike slightly to mount your leg “over” the bike. Sometimes bikes will also be called Diamond, or Gents bikes. 

Comfort - (Step Through)

Comfort were traditionally known as “Ladies” bicycles, and in some cases this naming convention has carried through. However, all it tends to signify is a lower top tube. By far the majority of electric bikes are step through because they're so easy to get on and off.  

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