KTM Macina eShopper 24"


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KTM Macina eShopper 24" 2017

Suited to: Urban shopping trips. Low step over for easy access.


The 2017 KTM Macina eShopper is powered by the reliable Bosch 2017 Centermotor Activeline Drive System, offering miles and miles of hassle free cycling

As the name suggests, the 2017 KTM Macina eShopper is ideal for those shopping trips, or anyone looking to move luggage around by bike... with its super high quality front and rear baskets it is the perfect solution

The e-Shopper is a well equipped bike with Hydr disc brakes, 24" tyres for comfort, front and rear dynamo lights and bike stand

EuroBike Gold Award Winning Product!


Active Line – the harmonious, homogenous drive system for unlimited eBike riding pleasure

With Active Line Bosch offers a drive system for those who have discovered eBikes as the modern type of mobility. Active Line is the perfect companion for everybody who wants to combine activity and cosiness and who likes to be outdoors. Efficiency, ergonomics, design and high-tech fit together like clockwork. The drive system calculates the optimal handling from 1000 sensor-measurements per second and ensures a perfectly dosed support at every pedal step

The clear on-board computer Intuvia has a perfectly legible display and a separate control unit. And the Intuvia also has a USB port, thus you can charge your cell phone or MP3 player while on the go. This will be the web interface in the future. KTM utilises the Active Line also with a coaster brake. Active Line has the ‘tuning derailleur gear‘. Thanks to a multitude of sensors it perceives in time that the eBike rider wants to shift gears and guarantees smooth shifting. The new drive generation is characterized by an installed small chainwheel (MTB: 15, trekking bike: 18). It transfers your power on the chain with 2.5 times cadence

The ideal bike for urban shopping.

Video of the KTM eShopper in action (German Language):