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Urban Ebikes was born in 2014 out of three core principles. Focusing on Quality, Value and Urban Mobility, we bring you the highest quality, latest innovations from leading European electric transport companies. 

We have an electric solution to every personal and business transport problem that you can buy online with trust

From folding ebikes for holidays exploring the vineyards of France, to hand built Swiss speed machines for commuting to the office or electric moped delivery workhorses - we have you covered. 

We offer 0% Finance, Free Delivery and Registration and At Home support on all bikes and vehicles.

10% Off All QWIC Bikes

Founded in 2006, QWIC have established themselves as a leader in electric bike design in the Netherlands, Germany and Belguim.

Driven by a desire to reduce car traffic on cities' roads, they have produced award winning quality, affordable electric bikes and speed pedelecs.



5% Off All Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh's range of British designed electric bikes offer affordable entry level models as well as feature packed bikes designed for heavy use.

First established in Nottingham in 1887, Raleigh are a famous household name of traditional bicycles

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£750 off Stromer ST2

Few names in the electric bike world command more respect, admiration and utter desirability than Stromer. Hand built in Switzerland, Stromer's range of bikes constantly push the engineering to the maximum.

The ST2 is no exception. A 800W motor and top speed of 28mph makes it a formidable commuter vehicle.

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Free Kryptonite Lock With Any eScooter 

Our electric scooters have been hugely popular with commuters looking for a quieter, comfortable and eco friendly commute.

We're offering a free Kryptonite security lock worth £140 plus £50 off every bike 

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10% Off QWIC

QWIC are a Dutch electric bike company seeing exceptional success in Europe's most competitive market. A hidden gem within the UK, they combine fun riding style, robust built quality and stylish design into one affordable, quality package.

From folding bikes, to stylish city bikes, all the way up to their 28mph speed pedelecs, we're offering 10% off! 

We're offering 10% off any of their bikes. 

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Free Lock with Any Electric Moped

Electric Mopeds are rapidly increasing in popularity as a method of commuting. With cheap fuel costs and near maintenance free, they are convenient and hassle free methods of getting about town.

Achieving speeds of up to 45mph with removable batteries, our Scooter ranges have proven popular with commuters looking for a quieter, cleaner commute. 

The  Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock is a heavy duty, 14mm thick chain and padlock retailing at £130. It comes with 3 keys and has been designed for inner city use.

We're throwing one in free with every moped purchase. Use the code below to automatically add it to basket at checkout.  

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£750 Off Stromer ST2

To electric bike fans the Stromer needs no introduction. Stromer are the definition of Ultra-high end. Constantly pushing the envelope of what an ebike can do, their mission is to rid cities of traffic and make commuting enjoyable. Hand built in the hills of Switzerland, they ooze quality and command respect on the road.

Capable of 28mph, this electric bike has it all - GPS tracking, remote locking, regenerative braking, a colossal 814Wh or 983Wh battery with integrated touch screen and a 800W rear motor. 

Electricbikereview.com reviewed it as "the most beautiful, enjoyable and well thought out electric bike I’ve ever seen.

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5% Off All Raleigh 

Raleigh offer a comprehensive range of well built, affordable electric bikes designed for both city and off road exploration. 

Whether it's a weekend trip with Friends, or a trip to the shops every now and then, Raleigh have something for you. 

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