ST1X EAPC - UK Law Compliant 15.5mph

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ST1X models now in stock. 

The Stromer ST1X is a premium electric bike, that adds style and colour to your commute. Four stunning colours available in both Sport and Comfort versions offer personality and performance.

With full access to Omni-Cloud, you can track your bike via GPS, manage drivetrain settings and remotely lock and unlike at any time. This even extends to system maintenance and remote diagnostics from the Stromer team.

Not only secure, the ST1X is a dream to ride. 

Made with the finest materials and constructed in Switzerland, it is a bike with few others in its class. UK Law compliant, it requires no registration and is delivered ready to ride. 

While brimming with technology the design is fully inclusive and all screens and cables are integrated into the frame already.

A powerful 250W motor powers you up hills effortless, assisting you up to a civilised and brisk 15.5mph - safe for use in bicycle lanes without any special licensing needed. 

Integrated, Swappable Battery

Although the battery is integrated into the frame, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be stylish and colorful. Consider what performance and range are best for you. What’s more, you can upgrade to the more hugely powerful 983 Wh battery at any time.


The Stromer ST1 X is a digital e-bike that exudes colourfully cosmopolitan design. Our e-bike from the latest generation has a very crisp, streamlined look to it. All of the componentry is tucked away inside the frame, with the touchscreen housed in the top tube, the battery pack in the downtube and the cables inside the frame.

  • United thanks to OMNI: This Stromer allows you to take full advantage of the digital world by connecting it to the OMNI Stromer app (compatible with the iOS and Android smartphone operating systems).
  • Battery range: The ST1 X covers up to 150 km (90 miles), with in-frame recharging or external recharging at any conventional power socket.
  • Stylish colors: the new ST1 X is available in orange, charcoal, sand, ocean.


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Stromer ST1X - 15.5MPH

The Stromer ST1X offers undeniable style and customisation through 4 different colours, and is feature packed with integrated screens, remote tracking and updates as expected from Stromer. A powerful motor sees you quickly up to a top speed of 15.5mph.


"Nearly flawless"

Beautifully Hidden Battery

The battery has been beautifully integrated into the frame, creating a clean and stylish look that is also practical. The battery is locked away, with a door unlocking for easy removal for recharging. Simply slide into the frame.   

Want to go further? You can upgrade the battery at any time from three models.

Range (Up to)75 Miles90 Miles110 Miles

Industry Leading Innovation

Stromer were one of the first to integrate digital connectivity with their bikes. Fitted flat into the frame, the LCD display shows you speed, power level and battery remaining as a percentage.

This screen can be connected via Bluetooth to the SmartPhone app, Omni which also gives you the ability to remotely lock and track the location of the bike.

Software updates are available remotely, reducing the need for you to visit a workshop to upgrade.

All cables are fully integrated giving a clean aesthetic. 

Powerful Motor

The powerful rear hub motor gives quick off the line performance and excellent hill climbing power. 

With 250W of power and 35Nm of Torque, few other ebikes come close in performance terms. 

Thru-axles provide extra rigidity of ride and handling performance 

Regenerative Braking

TRP HD822 180mm hydraulic disc brakes give regenerative braking, capturing power as you ride to extend your range further. 

Powerful Integrated Light

A  Roxim X4 EP-ST delivers huge visibility of the road ahead, and is connected directly to the battery for maximum brightness at all times. Likewise an integrated rear  Busch+Müller Toplight Mini ensures other road users can see you braking.

Large Tyres

The Schwalbe Big Ben 26" Tyres give grip and control in all weather conditions. The Stromer ST1X is build solidly, too, with no rattles, creaks or quirks. Just a silent, powerful ride.

Manual Kickstand

The Kickstand is controlled by you - a manual drop or retract as you set it. Unlike auto-sprung stands, this avoids the embarrassing situation of a gentle knock of the bike causing it to fall over.

Always Connected

The bespoke Omni platform that Stromer have developed gives you access to their system which has the benefit of

- Anti-theft - remotely lock and unlock your bike no matter where you are
- Servicing information and updates
- Motor configuration controls
- Debugging and health checks remotely 

If your locked bike is moved, then you recieve a text message informing you while the lights on the bike begin to flash and motor disabled. 


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Style and Power

The Stromer STX1 is the ultimate electric bike capable of 15.5mph. 

Battery Options


25 - 75 Mile Range


30 - 90 Mile Range


Huge 983Wh battery for up to 100 mile range


MotorCyro Drive
SpeedUp to 15.5mph
Motor Output250W
ForkStromer ST1 X aluminium fork
Drive trainShimano Deore 10 Speed
BrakesHD822 by TRP
HeadlightRoxim X4 EP-ST
Rear lightBusch+Müller Toplight Mini
HornNo - Nuvo Bell
FendersStromer custom alloy
CarriersStromer custom Racktime
TyresSchwalbe BigBen Energizer Compound 26x2.15
SaddleStromer Custom

Help & Advice

There are usually two key types of frame. However, certain brands have slightly different names for them so keep your eye out!

Step Over vs Step Through

Sport - (Step Over) 

Sport models will usually have a high tube at the top, in front of the seat. This will usually require you to lean the bike slightly to mount your leg “over” the bike. Sometimes bikes will also be called Diamond, or Gents bikes. 

Comfort - (Step Through)

Comfort were traditionally known as “Ladies” bicycles, and in some cases this naming convention has carried through. However, all it tends to signify is a lower top tube. By far the majority of electric bikes are step through because they're so easy to get on and off.  

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