GOVECS S1.5 Electric Scooter / Moped

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GO! S1.5                        

Govecs is a well established German electric scooter specialist. Their models are designed for long lasting reliability with high quality components, Bosch motors and top specification batteries.
  • Removable Battery
  • Charges to 80% in just 1 hour - full charge in 2 - 3 hours
  • 28mph Top Speed Moped Class for AM or P category licence holders (Most car drivers who passed before February 2001 will already have this entitlement)
  • Up to 40 Mile Range*
  • Full 2 year Warranty 
  • Low mounted battery for better cornering and lower centre of gravity 

The GOVECS GO! S1.5 is a high performance scooter with the latest lithium technology. It's in the same licence class as a 50cc petrol scooter. Features for 2018 are a new state-of-the-art BMZ battery and updated battery management system (BMS).

A key advantage with the GO! S1.5 is it's removable battery. With a weight of 15 kg it can be easily removed from the lockable battery compartment. Charging is possible on any home or office 13 Amp socket outlet with an external charger. 

Govecs S1.5 removable battery

It's also possible to charge the battery with the built in 600 watt charger. The battery does not need to be removed from the scooter to charge it with the built in charger.

The batteries have 45% greater range compared to previous models such as the S1.4. They also provide a constant performance until the battery is empty.

The S1.5 is powered by an advanced brush-less high efficiency electric motor and has a low-maintenance belt drive. The electric scooter has a sophisticated drive train that ensures that the scooter produces almost no noise. By using an “economy switch” on the dashboard you can chose between a greater range or faster acceleration.

The frame of the scooter has been exclusively designed for the S series. Because the electric motor is optimally placed in the middle of the scooter the center of gravity is extremely low, providing the `S` with great maneuverability and superior handling.

With a comprehensive digital dashboard the Govecs S1.5 is ready to take your commuting into the zero emission future.

Technical Data

Maximum speed 28 Mph
Range 25 - 40 Miles*
Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Tires 130/60-R13, front and rear
Front Fork Hydraulic telescopic fork
Rear suspension Mono shock absorber
Battery Lithium
Voltage 72 Volt
Weight battery Approx. 15 kg
Battery (estimated lifetime) 50.000 km
Charger 72 V on board charger
Charging time 2 – 3 h, approx. 1 h up to 80% charging
Motor Brushless motor, PMAC with belt drive
Torque 54 Nm
Weight approx. 118 kg (incl. battery)
Wheelbase 1.300 mm
Seat height 790 mm
Storage capacity 10 litre
Carrying capacity 2 passengers / max. 150 kg
Guarantee 24 month
Emissions Zero

* Depending on weather conditions as well as weight and size of load.

Driving licence classes for GOVECS models

United Kingdom

GO! S1.5  / S2.5 / S2.6:  (50cc Equivalent - Moped) AM or P category. Full car licence holders who passed before Feb 2001 will normally have moped entitlement automatically and do not need L plates. 

For those who passed after Feb 2001 or who don't have the AM or P categories will need to complete a one day CBT course.

GO! S2.6+ / S3.6   (125cc Equivalent - Scooter) CBT required.

The above info is only a guide and you should confirm your legal entitlement to ride the bikes.



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