QWIC P-RD9.2s Performance Series Ebike


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The best we can build

QWIC introduces the Performance series, electric bicycles with a very powerful and silent support, state-of-the-art components and the best performances ever seen. With these results they are very much in favour of the demanding, sporty end consumer. Off to work on a daily basis? By choosing your own battery capacity, a range of 220 km is possible. Read more about all of our Performance electric bicycles below.

Very powerful direct drive rear hub motor

The very powerful Direct Drive rear motor supplies a maximum torque of 40 Nm. The high efficient electric system has 8 different levels of support. Its state-of-the-art battery technology supplies a possible battery capacity up to 735 Wh. This makes the electric bike suitable for hilly terrain and situations where you need extra power. 

Shimano derailleur gears: sporty shifting

The P-RD9.2s is equipped with 9 Shimano derailleur gears. The derailleur gears in combination with the Direct Drive rear motor ensure a perfect sporty driving experience and high efficiency. The perfect electric bicycle for the sport commuter with high demands.

Hydraulic disk brakes

Thanks to the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes , the P- RD9.2s offers the ideal combination of safety and comfort, even at rainy weather. The easy adjustability of the disk brakes makes it perfectly suitable for electric bicycles. In addition, the disk brakes require minimal maintenance and comfort.

Front fork suspension

The front fork suspension ensures that the total weight is reduced and the bike still offers the most comfortable driving experience. The P-MN360 is equipped with a suspended seatpost. Its Trampoline saddle provides in combination with the adjustable leather handles a unique comfort. Thanks to the front and rear suspension it is a very pleasant and comfortable driving experience. This ensures you to drive with maximum comfort on a daily basis.

Hand build One-Size frame

Each handmade frame is thoroughly tested for quality, stiffness and handling. The lightweight aluminum frame has internal reinforcements for increased stiffness and maneuverability.  The QWIC Performance electric bicycles are equipped with a unique frame geometry and wide adjust-ability. Just one frame is needed to provide the sizes M, L and XL. Everyone with a length between 1.60m and 2.00m has a perfectly comfortable sitting position with this One-Size frame. 

Perfection down in every detail

A craftsman who built the aluminum frame by hand from start to finish. A second person who will check the e-bike completely. Furthermore,the frame is decorated in detail with brushed chrome-plated brass inlaid logos and integrated cable guides.Perfection down to every last detail. 

Best Li-ion battery available on the market

The performance series are provided with li-ion batteries with the longest life cycle available. Thanks to state-of-the art CAN bus Battery Management System  the battery is protection against self and dept discharging. The 18650 NCM Li-ion battery cells are the safest available on the market. Thanks to the USB connection the usage of the battery can be checked. 

Up to 220 km of range

Not everyone is the same, that is the reason why QWIC offers four different types of batteries. Each type of battery has a different range. This is the number of kilometers you can ride with a full battery in one single ride. Detachable Li-ion batteries with a possible range up to 220 km. Together with the Performance Series you can choose from 4 types of batteries within the Performance Series: 375 Wh, 470 Wh, 625 Wh and 735 Wh. 

Digital display with 8 power levels

The ergonomic digital display features 8 power levels, a USB connection for navigation  or smartphones and an LED - backlit LCD screen. The display has further enhanced features such as a trip meter, battery indicator percentages and smart repair. The display also has a very accurate indicator of energy.It displays the capacity of range in percentage, distance to travel en time to travel. The advanced Trip to Go and Time to Go functionality will display the distance and time untill the battery is out of energy.

Full LED lightning

The P-RD9.2s electric bicycle has Full LED lightning. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology LED lightning uses a minimum amount of energy. The rear light is fixed within the battery and also operable from the display.